Implant Dentures

Implant dentures example
How implant dentures work

Implants have become part of the standard of care. This option secures the denture plate to provide a more comfortable fit, less wear on the ridges and greater bite force than traditional denture plates.

What is an implant?

An implant is a small titanium cylinder that is placed into your jaw that acts much like your natural root. The implant integrates with your jaw. Then, a functional top is placed on the implant so that your denture plate or removable partial can snap into place. This is a procedure that is typically done in the dental office using local anesthesia very much like many other dental procedures. These are available from Tim Chapel.

The benefits include:

  • No slipping of bottom or top plate
  • No messy adhesives
  • Provides you with a stronger bite force so you can eat more of the foods you enjoy
  • Dentures snap on and off so they are easily cleaned
  • Used to secure partial dentures
  • Eliminates or minimizes food traps
  • Teeth are selected and arranged to complement your smile
  • Facial profile can be restored after years of wearing worn dentures
  • Gives a patient more confidence

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