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The traditional form of dentures includes a top and bottom plate. The top plate covers the roof of your mouth and the bottom plate sits on your lower ridge and rests between your tongue and cheeks.

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Benefits include:

  • An affordable way to replace teeth
  • Teeth are selected and arranged to fit your smile
  • Restores a functional bite
  • Never be without teeth during process

Disadvantages to traditional dentures include:

  • Reduction of your natural bite force which limits your food selection
  • Even the best fitting dentures will have some movement if not secured by an implant or a natural root
  • May need to use adhesives

As a denture wearer, it is important to understand that your mouth will continually change through the years and that proper maintenance and oral hygiene must be maintained. You should continue your annual exams to ensure your dentures fit well and that your mouth is healthy.

There are several different types of dentures. Please refer to immediate dentures (first-time dentures) and dentures with implants to learn more about what's available from Dr. Chapel.

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